WAW Handplanes

WAW (wave after wave) Handplanes is a surf brand that is committed to giving back.

Based in Sydney, Australia WAW make handplanes out of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials so that you can enjoy getting barrelled without leaving a trace. 

WAW use recycled construction timber and sustainable plantation paulownia, which is 100% Australian grown, as well as recycled wetsuits for our unique merino wool comfort pads and handles. To date they have recycled more than 58 wetsuits previously destined for landfill.

Timber is not only an environmental choice, we believe it also creates the best performing handplanes. Neutrally buoyant and long lasting, we pride ourselves on a product for life, which is why all our handplanes come with a lifetime warranty.


To replace the timber used and to reduce their carbon footprint, WAW plant one tree through the Carbon Neutral Charity Fund for every Handplane sold. 


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