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WAW Handplane Dreamtime Pintail


The Dreamtme Pintail  is a single large concave all purpose handplane, Its designed to catch any wave going, big right through to small. A specialised all rounder! Its larger planing surface allows you to catch unbroken waves much more easily, set your line and ride it all the way into the shore.

 The increased surface area created by the deep concave gives great lift upon entry and whilst surfing down the line. The up turned out turned nose forces water under the plane during the drop, creating extra lift whilst also deflecting water away from the face. The concave base leads straight into a sharp rail which gives great hold and turning power at speed.

The best handplane shape for long rides and maximum speed

Made from environmentally friendly Australian grown paulownia timber, it is extremely light making swimming as natural as possible and simply feels like and extension of your hand. Our unique strap and comfort pad system is created using recycled wetsuits.

This model is hand painted by local Indigenous artist Zachary Bennet-Brook of Saltwater Dreamitime

Dimensions approx : 340mm x 200mm x 20mm

Weight: Approx 400 grams

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