bamb-u wooden watches and sunglasses are made from sustainably farmed, premium A-grade bamboo and have high quality components, including: Japanese made, Citizen Miyota movements, TAC UV400 polarised lenses, stainless steel clasps, hinges, screws and link pins.

bamb-u aim to ethically make, premium quality, sustainable wooden frame glasses and wooden watches that will turn heads, while give something back at the same time. That’s why, with every product sold, they plant 7 trees in countries affected by deforestation. For more information about our planting program please click here.

Bamboo needs little to no water to grow. There is no need for the use of fertilisers or pesticides. Bamboo regenerates it’s self after being harvested and grows to full size within 4 years, not 40 years like most hardwoods. Bamboo is very durable and lightweight which makes our products extra comfortable. By using bamboo, we are helping communities that have otherwise failed crops make a proper living by farming bamboo.

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